Sample apps


Capture and access applications exploit the ubiquitous computing paradigm to support the automatic capture of information in live experiences and generate corresponding documents. Although presenting many common functionalities, capture and access applications had been implementated according to a casual (ad hod) approach. INCA supports the implementation of capture and access applications for several domains, basically providing network abstractions that make communication between applications transparent.

Besides architectural aspects, most capture and access applications present recurrent functionalities, e.g. whiteboard, chat, audio capture, video capture and Web browsing history capture. These functionalities can appear in any combination and suggest a component-based approach. With this in mind, we developed xINCA (Extended Infrastructure for Capture and Access Applications) as a layer above INCA, making use of its modules and abstractions allowing developers to have direct access to the INCA layer.

Both INCA and xINCA are part of a larger collaborative effort between the research groups of Drs. Gregory D. Abowd and Maria da Graça Campos Pimentel. The InCA-SERVE project aims to provide infrastructure support for the capture and access of live experiences and then further storage, extension, retrieval, and visualization of the captured information as it continues to evolve. The InCA effort is conducted at Georgia Institute of Technology while SERVE is being researched at the Universidade de São Paulo.

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